Application form to participate in OSE GDAŃSK 2024

Conditions of participation


(not guaranteed)


Participation of 1 person in the conference

The price includes: participation in two days of the Summit, conference materials, catering, participation in the evening dinner, the price does not include accommodation.


1000 PLN
+ 23% VAT
(valid until 12.05)

1500 PLN
+ 23% VAT
(valid from 13.05)

Participation of 1 person in an online conference

The price includes: one access to the virtual conference platform where you can watch debates online.


500 PLN
+ 23% VAT
(valid until 12.05)

750 PLN
+ 23% VAT
(valid from 13.05)

Registration – personal participation, not guaranteed (free of charge)
The application includes:
Participation in the substantive part during two days of the Summit
Conference materials

In the case of registration of free personal participation, the Organizer treats it as a declaration of participation, but the Organizer does not guarantee final confirmation of entering the registered person on the list of participants. Including a registered person on the list of participants as part of free participation depends on the availability of free places in the room and the order of applications.

Registration – personal participation guaranteed (paid)
The application includes:
  • Participation in the substantive part during two days of the Summit
  • Conference materials
  • Entrance to the business dinner on June 17
  • Catering
  • Access to the Summit's online conference platform
Registration – online participation (paid)
The application includes:
  • Participation in the substantive online part during two days of the Summit
  • Online conference materials
  • Visiting partners' stands online
  1. The sole organizer and invoicing entity is Europejskie Centrum Biznesu Sp J. ul 1 Maja 13a/3, 20-410 Lublin, NIP 946-23-86-725.
  2. Participation options:
    1. Free-of-charge participation (online or personal)
    2. Personal guaranteed participation (charged)
  3. Free-of-charge application is understood as a declaration of participation. The Organiser does not guarantee the final confirmation of enlisting of aplicant. The ultimate decision on enlisting the aplicant will depend on the availability of free places determined by COVID restrictions.
  4. The free-of-charge applicants who will receive the information about lack of free places will automatically be enrolled on online participation list.
  5. In case of guaranteed charged participation:
    1. The entrance fee is 1000 PLN net + 23% VAT.
    2. The participation is confirmed after the payment of the entrance fee is confirmed on the Organizer’s bank account. The payment should be made  within 7 days after the declaration of participation is registered and not later than the Summit date. The payment should be made to the following account: ING Bank Śląski S.A. O/Lublin nr 29 1050 1953 1000 0022 7379 8765.
    3. The payment title should specify the name of the participant and the name of the company he represents.
    4. After registration of participant we can send the confirmation of participation upon request including the invoice.
    5. The renouncement from participation should be submitted either in the form of registered mail or confirmed e-mail sent to Both lack of registered renouncement or non-participation in the Summit does not relieve the participant from the obligation of payment of the entrance fee and results in standard invoicing procedure.
    6. In special cases some other employee of the company can participate in the Summit instead of the registered participant. However it is obligatory to inform the Organizer about such a replacement by e-mail sent to not later than one day before the event and to receive the confirmation of such replacement approoval issued by the Organizer.
    7. In case of renouncement from participation in the Summit before 19th May 2024 no payment is obligatory. After the date of 19th May 2024 any registered participation is charged 100% of the entrance fee.
  6. Regardless of the form of participation (free or charged) the participation is valid only after reception of the confirmation issued by the Organizer.
  7. Any change in the form of participation in possible only after appropriate  notification is submitted to the Organizer and the Organizer confirms such a change.
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to change participant’s status of participation as a consequence of COVID situation or new restrictions. In such a case no compensation is applicable.
  9. The deadline for submitting the participation form to the Summit is 14th June 2024 in case of personal participation and 14nd June 2024 in case of online participants.
  10. The organizer reserves the right to refuse to register the participation of a person associated in any capacity with a competitor to the organizer of the Summit. In the event of disclosure of the above circumstances after confirmation of participation, the Organizer reserves the right to withdraw confirmation of registration without giving a reason.
  11. The conference is closed. Only participants who have registered using the application form and received confirmation of participation from the organizer can be participants.
  12. The organizer, regardless of the provisions of point 5 reserves the right to reject the application without giving a reason.
  13. Participation entrance includes::
    1. Personal participation:
      1. Free-of-charges: participation in all debates during two days of Summit, conference materials, meals. Participation is not including accommodation.
      2. Personal guaranteed participation (charged): participation in all debates during two days of Summit, entrance to VIP Area, entrance for Business Mixer evening event in 17th of June, conference materials, meals. Participation is not including accommodation.
  14. The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the conference program.
  15. Participants bear full financial responsibility for their damages, in particular for damages at the conference venue.
  16. By sending the application, each participant participating in the GDAŃSK OSE (both the speaker and participant) grants all rights to the European Business Center and agrees to the consolidation, reproduction and dissemination of its image for the purposes of promotional and information activities implemented by the European Business Center and each of the Partners and other entities and institutions involved in the organization of a given Summit. The European Business Center thus possesses the proprietary copyrights to the audiovisual material recorded during the Summit and reserves the right to use and the right to grant a non-exclusive license and to transfer rights to official partners and institutions involved, provided that it is not responsible for such use of photos by the partner which would violate the personal or copyright rights of third parties.
  17. The organizer reserves the right to consolidate and disseminate the image of participants and speakers of the Summit, together with names and professional functions.
  18. The organizer reserves the right to publish and register materials related to the Summit and to make these materials available to third parties.
  19. In the event that the Conference is not held for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer, or so-called “Force majeure”, the Participant is not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any fees related to participation in the Conference, as well as the costs of additional services ordered by the Conference participants to the Organizer.
  20. The organizer reserves the right to change the speakers for reasons beyond his control. In this case, the Participant is not entitled to compensation from the Organizer.
  21. The organizer reserves the exclusive right to amend the Regulations. The changes do not require justification.
  22. In matters not regulated by these regulations, Polish law shall apply.

Rules for the processing of personal data – Privacy policy and Terms

Who is the administrator of personal data and what data is collected – Administrator of personal data is Europejskie Centrum BiznesuSpółka Jawna M. Różańska K. Karaś ul. 1 Maja 13a/3, 20-410 Lublin NIP: 946-23-86-725. Contact with the administrator is possible by the phone: 81 747 65 10, or email address:
– We store data such as: name and surname, company name, position, telephone number, company address and e-mail address. We also store your image data as photos and video recordings documenting our projects
– The processing of personal data is organized in compliance to the applicable regulations, which in our case are related to the legitimate interest in offering our products and services and your consent given during registration for our conferences and trainings.

What is the purpose of processing your data
– Your personal data is processed for purposes resulting from legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator, i.e. establishing and maintaining business relations, informing about the conference and training projects we implement, financial settlements of these projects, as well as for marketing purposes.

– Your personal data is not transferred to entities located in countries outside the European Union, but will be transferred to entities providing services to the Administrator, i.e. a hosting company providing the service of e-mail boxes, an accounting company carrying out tax settlements. Personal data will be processed only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of the Administrator.
– As a rule, we also do not transfer your data to entities other than those listed above, unless their transfer results from a legal order imposed by us. Nevetheless we make every effort to ensure that the data transmitted in this way is maximally secured and processed with confidentiality.
How long we will keep your data
– Personal data will be stored for the time necessary to achieve the purpose, for the maximum of six years, until an objection to data processing is reported or in the case of other time limits related to possible claims, specific legal provisions or court judgments – until such claims expire.
– All data that has been provided to the Administrator based on consents specified above may be withdrawn at any time, which does not affect the lawfulness of earlier data processing. The person granting the title to store data has the right to: access his/her data, rectify, delete, limit processing, object to their processing, the right to transfer data, as well as the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority. Personal data is processed on the basis of art. 6 point 1 lit. b) and f) GDPR, and consent can be withdrawn by sending relevant information to the address:
Any person is free to provide the personal data, however failure to do so will prevent the provision of services.
The security of your data
– All processed data are collected and stored using the best technical and organizational measures available. Your data will be processed in a way that ensures adequate security and confidentiality, including protection against unauthorized access to them and to the equipment used for their processing, and against the unauthorized use of this data and this equipment.