8th edition of National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK 2020

2020/04/20 10:00:47

Ladies and Gentelmen,

VII edition of National Energy Summit OSE GDAŃSK 2020 is to launch on 20th and 21th April in Gdańsk in the Museum of the Second World War. The leading theme of this year’s Congress is:

„Energy for Economy- Economy for Energy Sector”

The intention of OSE Gdańsk 2020 organizers is to gather the representatives of key institutions responsible for energy and economic security, politicians, economists and representatives of business and science in order to discuss the prospects for Polish economy with special focus on strategic sectors and risks resulting from the international situation and EU policy. The development and innovation – the key elements of competitive advantage – will again be addressed during specific panels on energy, gas, fuel and co-generation to compete for the award of “Innovation Waves” granted to the best project during the evening “Amber Award” Gala. Additionally since last year we dedicate one panel to the issue of cooperation among Baltic Sea states in the field of energy, gas, oil, renewables and specific solutions implemented successfully in particular countries.

This edition will also address the reorganization of Polish energy market and the raw materials supply policy. The revitalization of Polish economic capacity and protection of national interests is the objective of the Government and particular ministries also in the context of international cooperation with Baltic states and Visegrad Group. The economic and energy independence, strategic raw materials supplies, stable international relations as the key issues to be discussed in specific panels

Join us on 20th April,

Krzysztof Karaś


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